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Ice Rink

Ice Rink - Winter 2022

CLOSED for the 2022 Season

This winter we are opening an outdoor ice rink! It is located at the south end of the park between the basketball and tennis courts.  

  • Open to the public, no fee
  • Ice/Hockey skates not available for rental, BYO
  • Free Skate Time – hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed
  • Hockey Time – skaters can bring sticks and pucks, we do not provide goals but will allow popup nets to be brought on site and used during designated hockey hours, no organized games/teams
  • Rink closures – call to confirm rink is open or check


Please note the following:

  • The rink may close periodically for maintenance, such as shoveling or adding a top coat of water (which will need time to freeze)
  • Our rink does not have an underground refrigeration system, making and maintaining ice is dependent on outdoor temperature.



M, W, Fri           4:00-9:00pm       Free Skate (no hockey pucks/sticks allowed)


Tues/Thurs         4:00-9:00pm       Hockey Time


Saturday          9am-11:45am     Hockey Time

                         12:00-4:00pm       Free Skate (no hockey pucks/sticks allowed)

                          4:00-8:00pm        Available to rent


Sunday            9am-11:45am     Hockey Time

                         12:00-4:00pm      Free Skate (no hockey pucks/sticks allowed)

                         4:00-8:00pm        Available to rent


  • Please refer to current COVID guidelines.
  • Skate at your own risk. Ice skating is a hazardous activity and can involve substantial personal risk. Using the ice rink you assume responsibility for injury and determining conditions are safe.
  • Restrooms are available.  Skates must be removed to enter the building.  Please note the building entrance is approximately one block from the ice rink.
  • Organized hockey games/teams are not allowed.
  • Vandals will be prosecuted.
  • The following behaviors are prohibited:
    • Fast, reckless, or weaving skating
    • Throwing objects onto the rink
    • Smoking, alcohol, and loitering
    • Rough games and horseplay
    • Slap shots or lifting the puck off the ice
  • The Park District reserves the right to close the ice rinks at any time.
  • In case of an emergency, please contact 911.
  • Call the Park District at 708-457-1244 for additional information or to report any unsafe situations.


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